Technology Expectations and Student Contract

Technology Expectations
Expectativas de Tecnología

Arlington Public Schools (APS) expects all users to access the Internet and other electronic networked resources in a safe and responsible manner. All users are required to abide by the Acceptable Use of Electronic Networked Resources & Internet Safety (Policy 45-2) and the Policy Implementation Procedure (45-2.1). All uses of the Internet and networked resources shall be appropriate for a Pre-K-12 education setting. Claremont students use a variety of technology at each grade level.  At the beginning of the year, each Claremont student signs a Technology Agreement with developmentally-appropriate guidelines regarding the use of technology. For school year 2017-18, students will sign this agreement in the form of a classroom poster that will be posted and visible for the duration of the school year.

Claremont students use technology to advance learning following our school motto, “Strive for the Highest and Work to Create a Better World.” aup poster
Past Versions of the Student Technology Agreement: