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Google APS

Google for Education’s core apps include Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawing, Sites, and Google Classroom. Students log into GoogleAPS using their APS Network Credentials via OneLogin.


Wixie is an online publishing and creativity platform that lets students share what they know through their writing, their voices, and their art. Students log in using their student ID (or lunch #). Depending on the grade level, the password can be student’s 6 digit DOB or their APS network password. Ask your teacher if you are not sure.

MyOn News (Formely News-O-Matic)

MyOn News is a daily newspaper for kids on iOS and on the web. It provides students with an engaging nonfiction experience. Students log in using their APS network credentials (Student ID or lunch # and network password). Ask your teacher if you are not sure.


MackinVIA is an APS Library service that provides students with easy access to eBooks (picture books, fiction and nonfiction), audiobooks and educational databases.

Students log into MackinVia via OneLogin using their APS Network Credentials. Once on the MackinVia website, begin typing your school name under “School,” then select from the drop-down list. Users will be redirected to APS’s “One Login.”


DreamBox is an adaptive math software with rich visuals, sound, and interactivity to support deep math comprehension in Spanish. It provides students with math content that meets them at their current instructional level, including on, below, and above grade level. Students need their iPad, WiFi connection, and headphones to use DreamBox. Students in Kinder and 1st Grade log in using their name & selected picture password. Students in 2nd to 5th Grade log in using their student ID and their 6 digit date of birth.

Click here for help on how to identify assigned lessons or homework on DreamBox.

A few additional apps are used by specific grade levels. Some apps are deployed only for specific curriculum units.
(Under Review SY1718)
All content areas Paid Version (No Ads)
Bitsboard PRO English Language Arts
ESL Target Skills Practice
Paid Version (No Ads)
McGraw Hill Everyday Mathematics® Math Paid version of McGraw Hill’s Sail through Math™, Addition Top It™, Multiplication™ 1-12 Facts, Multiplication™ 1–6 Facts, Monster Squeeze™, Name That Number™, Subtraction Top-It™, Tric-Trac™ (No Ads)
McGraw Hill Maravillas Spanish apps Spanish Language Arts Paid version of McGraw Hill’s Palabras Primarias, Maravillas Gramática (No Ads)
McGraw Hill ELA Apps English Language Arts Paid version of Spell ’till You Drop from Reading Laboratory, Word Wonderland, Grammar Wonderland (No Ads)
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