Identification Process

Identification Process


The total population is considered in the creation of a candidate pool. Screening of available test and assessment data occurs annually in the first half of the school year.


A student is referred to the gifted services eligibility process based on one or more of the following criteria:

Referrals may be submitted before April 1 annually.  A Referral Form (English) — also available in (Spanish),(Bengali), (Amharic),(Mongolian), and (Arabic).  A referral form may be completed by the resource teacher for the gifted (RTG) at each school, a classroom teacher or other staff member, a parent or guardian, a community member or a student.  The referral form is available by clicking on the active link above.


Student referrals are considered by a school-based committee composed of a classroom teacher, resource teacher for the gifted, principal or designee, and at times the school psychologist or school counselor.  All relevant data is reviewed and the decision to identify a need for services or not is made by the committee.  In identifying students for Gifted Services, multiple criteria are used including the following:
•   Nationally-Normed Aptitude and/or Achievement assessments
•   Teacher Observations/Scales for Identifying Gifted Students (SIGS)
•   School-Based Performance Data
•   Parent Information Sheet
•   Student work samples/alternate measures
•   Writing portfolio (K-5 English only)
•   Student Self-Assessment (Grades 6-12)
•   Grades (Grades 6-12)

Parents are notified of the committee’s decision by letter.