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Welcome to Gifted Services at Claremont Immersion School!  Please take a look through the helpful links in the menu on the left to discover more about what Claremont Immersion School has to offer our growing scholars.



Photo of Elizabeth Lebedeker, Resource Teacher of the Gifted


I am Elizabeth Lebedeker, the Resource Teacher for the Gifted (RTG) at Claremont Immersion School. I have been with Arlington County Public Schools since 2002, and am very proud to be part of our Claremont team. A lifelong learner, I have a B.A. from the University of Florida, an M.S.Ed. from NOVA Southeastern University, and an Ed.S. from the University of Virginia. I enjoy sharing my love of learning with our students and consider it a great honor and privilege to be able to develop the talent of our students at Claremont. Arlington Public Schools is dedicated to maximizing the strengths and potential of all students so they may become self-confident, well-rounded, responsible and productive citizens. Many gifted students need opportunities to think abstractly, work at various rates and levels of complexity, and pursue tasks independently. In addition, students eligible for gifted services need opportunities to learn with others of like abilities, as well as opportunities to develop social relationships with others of all abilities.