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Directions to Update Global Protect on 1:1 iPads at home / Instrucciones para actualizar Global Protect en iPad 1: 1 en su hogar

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Claremont’s digital literacy vision entails improving students’ understanding and abilities to use a range of technology tools and resources in a safe responsible, ethical and respectful manner. This is achieved by creating opportunities for students to purposely engage in technology-enhanced learning experiences across all content areas. Through these learning experiences, Claremont students practice thoughtfully finding and evaluating information, collaborating with others, producing and sharing content, and using a variety of technology tools and resources to achieve goals while developing digital literacy, 21st century, and digital citizenship skills.

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Claremont provides students and staff with access to a variety of computers, mobile devices, and peripheral tools. Claremont Immersion is equipped with Dell PCs and personalized learning devices for students in grades 3-5. In addition, each Kinder, First grade and Second classroom has a shared set of mobile devices as well as access to laptop computers. Every classroom has an Interactive SMARTBoard, document camera, and access to printing. STEM and robotic tools such as Spheros, Ozobots, and Osmo Kits are also available for students. A variety of software and educational web-based subscriptions enhance student teaching and learning! Technology integration happens everyday at Claremont across all content areas.

If you have any questions related to technology use and resources at Claremont, your first point of contact is your child’s classroom teachers.  Every classroom and grade level is unique on how they integrate technology. Further personalization happens within the classroom. The teacher will also gather information relevant helpful information to help answer questions or concerns. Thank you. 

Sra. Rosalita Santiago

My name is Sra. Santiago and I am the Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC) at Claremont. I grew up learning two languages, English and Spanish. I live with my husband, my daughter, and our dog Angelo.