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Annette Rivas Mrs. Rivas


Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC) at Claremont. I am a product of APS, and George Mason University (Go Patriots!). I love to dance just like people from my hometown in Callao, Peru. I enjoy long walks with my husband, son, daughter, and my dog Inca Kola. I surround myself with positive people, family and friends. I always enjoy reading a good book and coloring just for fun.


Technology || Tecnología: Directions to Update Global Protect on 1:1 iPads at home / Instrucciones para actualizar Global Protect en iPad 1: 1 en su hogar

Syncing-Global-Protect-outside-the-the-APS-Network-Eng-and-Span (1)

If you have any questions related to technology use and resources at Claremont, your first point of contact is your child’s classroom teachers.  Every classroom and grade level is unique on how they integrate technology. Further personalization happens within the classroom. The teacher will also gather information relevant helpful information to help answer questions or concerns. Thank you.