Our Physical Education Program

Kindergarten                                      First Grade                             Second grade

Exercise                                               Exercise                                     Exercise

Locomotor movement                           Hula hoop activity                    Gymnastics

Non-locomotor movement                    Parachute activity                      Balance/focus

Listening skills                                      Bean bag activity                       Juggling

Directionality                                        (variety) ball activity                  Bowling

Noodles/striking                                    International dance                    Balance /focus

Movement exploration                          Scarf activity                             C-mov/rainforest/Lit

Hoopla activity                                      Jumping rope/single                  Folk dance/basic

Animals/farm unit                                 Balloon activity                         Soccer/Foot & eye

Parade/rhythm activity                          Low organized games               Dribbling/eye – hand

Scooter activity                                     Integrate/retelling of stories      Relay activity

Body part identity                                 Walking unit                              Lummi sticks/rhythms
Parachute activity                                 Intro to tumbling                        Run/ cardio

Eye/hand coordination                          Flee and chase                           Simple games

Eye/foot coordination                           Integrate/ change                       Manipulative skills

Integrate/L.A.-science etc.                   GEO mat/math/nutri                   Integrate- science

GEO mat/nutri/color/letters                                                                     GEO mat/geo/time


Third Grade                                        Fourth Grade                         Fifth Grade

Exercise                                              Exercise                                  Exercise

Running program                               Running program                    Running program

Fitness Testing                                   Fitness Testing                         Fitness Testing

Basketball/eye hand                           Basketball                                Basketball/application

Soccer                                                Soccer                                      Football

Variety hockey                                  Game design                             Cageball

Swimming                                         Swimming                                Volleyball

Team Building                                   Softball                                     Games/activities

Jump rope/ long ropes                       Jump rope/Chinese                   Jump rope/routine

Conditioning/fit/nutri                        Conditioning/fit/nutri                Conditioning/fit/nutri

Simple dances/formations                 Educational dance                     Rhythm dance

Back yard games/bike  safety            Colonial games                         Handball/z-ball

Golf/eye hand                                    Double stunts                             Combatives/tumble

Life cycle                                           Badminton/paddle ball              Frisbee activity

Tumbling                                            Fit Planning                              Fit Planning

Pers. fitness/GEO                               GEO mat/heart R-monitors      GEO mat/heart R-monitors


Additional Program components/support

Guest speakers                                                            Integrate Curriculum

Field Day                                                                    Climbing Wall

Olympic activity                                                         Resources -videos/books/handout