Music Curriculum at Claremont || Currículo de Música en Claremont

Dr. Larco teaches First, Third and Fifth Grades

Ms. Brown teaches Kindergarten and Second Grades

Ms. Real teaches VPI, First, and Fourth Grades

If you have any questions about General Music at Claremont please contact Dr. Larco, Ms. Brown or Ms. Real. || Si tienen preguntas sobre Música General en Claremont por favor contacte a la Dra. Larco, a Ms. Brown o a Ms. Real.

VPI- Ms. Real

Students are learning songs and rhymes. We have been moving to music using props and simple rhythm instruments.

Kindergarten- Ms. Brown

Our Kindergarten students have been working hard to discover and use our singing voices. Students have been learning about the four voice types: singing, speaking, whispering and calling. We have been learning about classroom instruments such as triangles, egg shakers, and frame drums. We are focusing on building a repertoire of simple songs and playing a steady beat. Starting in January students began playing xylophones! We will be learning how to hold our mallets correctly, how to play gently and how to play a steady beat!

First Grade- Ms. Real

First grade students have been practicing music class routines. Students are reviewing the five voice types: whisper, singing, speaking, calling, and thinking. We are focusing on building a repertoire of simple songs and playing a steady beat.

First Grade- Dr. Larco

Students are learning several songs in Spanish. We are working on maintaining the beat and singing in tune. Many of our songs are also games and we are working on speaking and singing in Spanish at all times.

Second Grade- Ms. Brown

Second grade students are learning about rhythms, reading music notes, and playing xylophones. Students have been learning to read, sing and play notation on a 5 line staff.  Students have also been working on creating a notebook for Music class which contains many different written examples of concepts learned in class: compositions, rhythms, song reviews, rhythm syllables, and note names.

Third Grade- Dr. Larco

Recorders have arrived and Third graders are excited! We are working on producing beautiful sounds before starting our recorder pieces. Students are practicing rhythmic and melodic patterns as well as writing and recognizing them on the music staff.

Fourth Grade- Ms. Real

Fourth Grade students are reviewing mallet technique through performing a rondo on barred instruments. They are also performing rhythms using body percussion and instruments, singing rounds/canons, and practicing music reading and writing skills.

Fifth Grade- Dr. Larco

Fifth grade students are working on singing in two parts. We are working on reading and singing melodic patterns. Our students are preparing for the Arlington Honors Chorus. Look for more information on the previous page under Elementary Honors Chorus.

4th and 5th Grade Trash Band

This year our Claremont Trash Band is so popular that we have expanded to practicing on two separate days. The Claremont Trash Band is composed of 4th and 5th grade students who meet and practice once a week after school. Trash Band students learn about making instruments out of “trash”, “junk”, and found objects. The students will learn to build instruments, play rhythmic music, and will perform at our school concerts.