Band & Orchestra || Banda y Orquesta

We are off to another wonderful year here with Claremont’s band and Orchestra.  Each year, we seem to grow a little bit more so our instrumental ensembles are bigger than ever. . .

As Arlingtonians, we have been fortunate to be able to maintain a thriving elementary instrumental program which starts in the Fourth Grade.  So what exactly does that mean for our kids?

It means:

  • Our kids get the opportunity to start playing wind instruments in Fourth Grade; one year earlier than our neighboring counties.
  • They get the chance to see how a performing group can learn different musical parts and ideas and work as a team to bring the music together.
  • Along the way, they develop new mental skills as they learn to read the multidimensional, abstract language that is music.
  • They develop greater hand/eye coordination.
  • They experience greater self confidence, AND . . .

Come and see for yourself.  Mark your calendars for our Winter and Spring Concerts and cheer on our young musicians!!