Lunch Bunch (4th & 5th Grade)

Art instruction in the classroom is already differentiated based on student readiness, interest and background knowledge, but for those students who wish to explore art concepts in more depth there is a monthly in school art enrichment option during 4th and 5th grade recess and lunch. All students interested in participating are welcome. Below are the scheduled art enrichment dates during recess AND lunch periods on these dates. 4th graders go to room 149 and 5th graders go to room 177.

4th Grade                                       5th Grade

Tuesday’s                                      Wednesday’s

October 4th                                   October 5th

November 15th                             November 16th

December 13th                             December 14th

January 10th                                 January 11th

February 7th                                 February 8th

March 7th                                     March 8th

April 4th                                        April 5th

May 9th                                        May 10th

June 6th                                       June 7th