Art Program Overview

Arts Education is an integral part of the core curriculum and provides students with unique experiences not taught in other core areas. The arts offer powerful tools for expression – tools for making connections between intellect and emotion, tools for bringing meaning and beauty into our lives, and tools for solving problems and communicating ideas. They are an essential part of human history and provide a foundation for understanding the present as well as the future.

Studies in the arts foster perceptual awareness, cognitive processes, aesthetic literacy and life-coping skills. Participating in arts experiences enhances self-esteem, builds self-discipline, and reinforces societal values, such as cooperation, commitment, and working towards a common goal. Interdisciplinary arts experiences promote an artistically literate society and stronger understanding of oneself.Claremont teachers strive to provide a rich and extensive curriculum in all aspects of the visual arts based on state and national standards. They welcome the chance to help students authentically connect arts learning with that of other disciplines, and they are pleased to work in a field that overflows with opportunities to promote rich cross-cultural learning, understanding and appreciation.

(From the APS Fine Arts Mission Statement at

Art Enrichment (Lunch Bunch)

Sparking Creativity: How to Promote Imaginative Thinking in Children

Looking for ways to contribute to Claremont’s Art Department?

We would love your donations for the following items:

  • toy cars
  • toilet paper and paper towel tubes
  • clean plastic forks
  • giant tin coffee cans
  • metal tin pans
  • plastic or styrofoam egg cartons

Thank you! || ¡Gracias!