Mission, Vision, Values and Goals


Claremont Immersion commits to all students achieving academic success in two languages. Arlington Public Schools instills a love of learning in its students and prepares them to be responsible and productive global citizens.


Claremont Immersion students are bilingual, global citizens, caring and kind team players, effective communicators, independent problem solvers, and persistent, life-long learners.

Arlington Public Schools is a diverse and inclusive school community, committed to academic excellence and integrity. We provide instruction in a caring, safe, and healthy learning environment, responsive to each student, in collaboration with families and the community.


  • We collaborate; we work as a team.
  • We use data to improve student learning outcomes and understanding.
  • We are an immersion school. We value bilingualism and biliteracy.
  • We are all language learners, students and staff. We support staff and students’ growth as they acquire language skills.
  • We recognize that teaching is a reflective process and we actively reflect on what we do.
  • We are mindful of our minutes. We are deliberate with our time with students and with each other.
  • We recognize that our work is hard. We are respectful, caring, warm and kind with each other.
  • We care deeply about students’ success in life. The majority of our students stay with us K-5. We know our students well.
  • We become close with our families. We value our relationships with all families.
  • We value the diversity of our families and staff cultures. We consider it our responsibility to involve all families in the school.
  • We individualize instruction according to what students need.
  • We have fun and enjoy each other’s company. When the adults are happy, children feel happy too.


We establish school-wide and grade-level goals at the beginning of the school year and monitor our progress on a regular basis.